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26.02.2012, Kontiolahti / IBU Info TO
Boe, Tsvetkov,Sloof,Gaim Win in Kontiolahti
Clean-shooting Chardine Sloof of the Netherlands won her second Gold medal at these IBU Youth and Junior World Championships today in the junior women’s 10K pursuit. Her time of 34:52 gave the Gold over Olga Galich of Russia with 3 penalties, 32 seconds back. Iryna Kryuko of Belarus won the Bronze, with 3 penalties, 43.1 seconds back. The youth women’s 7.5K pursuit was won by Grete Gaim of Estonia with Julia Ransom of Canada and Germany’s Annika Knoll claiming the Silver and Bronze medals.

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Gold for Ankudinova and Tsvetkov
Two More Golds for Norway

The junior men’s 12.5K pursuit went to Russia’s Maxim Tsvetkov, with perfect shooting in 33:20.3. Vetle Sjastad Christiansen of Norway with 2 penalties, 1:42.6 back won the Silver medal, while Bronze went to Tsvetkov’s teammate Alexandr Loginov with 3 penalties, 1:46.5 back. In the youth men’s pursuit, Johannes Thingnes Boe of Norway dominated as expected, with Germany’s Matthias Dorfer  and Maksim Ramanouski of Belarus earning the Silver and Bronze medals.

Calm at the shooting range

Sloof took her time at the shooting range to shot slowly, deliberately and the result was a perfect 20-for-20. That was her strategy. “I am surprised that I won but my goal was a medal. I was really calm at the shooting range, took my time and went for the zero. The young woman will now go to Ruhpolding to represent her country at the IBU World Championships.

Thoughts of Victory

Behind Sloof, Galich finished in second place after missing two shots during the last standing stage. “Maybe today during the last shooting I thought about the win already and then I noticed how someone came close. Then, when I missed, I got nervous.”

Let Loose and Run

Bronze went to Kryuko who started from 20th place today and was only in 6th after the last standing stage. “Today was probably the only competition before which I did not think of a medal. When I went on the last loop with 3 ahead of me for the medal, I just thought I have to let loose and run.”

Fourth place went to Poland’s Monika Hojnisz, followed by Helena Gnaedinger of Germany and Darya Nesterchick of Belarus.

First Estonian Gold by Gaim

Gaim won the youth women’s pursuit in 27:18.1, with only one penalty. The decisive situation for her success was her flawless last standing shooting while Julia Ransom from Canada, who shot flawlessly during the first three stages, missed twice. Gaim went on the tracks slightly before Ransom and kept her lead to the finish, where she was 6.8 seconds ahead of the Canadian. She explained, “After the flawless last shooting I screamed because I knew I would win. I just hoped that I would be faster than Julia.” This makes Gaim the first ever individual Gold medal winner from Estonia at the IBU Youth and Junior World Championships.

Smile and Have Fun

Ransom was happy. “I got excited after hitting 15…after I missed 2 I decided to just ski, put on a smile and have fun.”

Can’t Believe It

Bronze went to Knoll with one penalty. She only beat Jessica Jislova from Czech Republic, with two penalties today, in the final meters. In the finish, Knoll was 17.5 seconds back, while Jislova was 18.7 seconds back.  “The last lap was so hard. I thought I was fighting for 4th or 5th. I was hoping for a Top Ten position today and can’t really believe this yet.”  The youth sprint World Champion Hilde Fenne of Norway finished in 5th place. Sixth place went to Anna Kostromkina of Russia.

Tsvetkov With Clear Win

Russia’s Maxim Tsvetkov won in a dominating fashion. He shot perfectly, skied fast, and commented at the finish, “I saw on the track that my opponents were far behind so shooting was a lot easier today.”

Silver by One Second

Silver went to Christiansen who really wanted that medal today. He explained, “These Championships were not the best for me. So today I started really hard on the tracks and made the medal at my last chance.” During the last lap, he had to fight for it, though. He said, “I know that Loginov is about 15 seconds faster than me on the last lap. When I went out I saw that he was 16 seconds behind so I thought I would win Silver by one second. My legs were very tired, though.”

Hard Last Lap

However, Loginov also commented, “When the season is so far along, the last lap is always hard, despite my opponents expecting me to pass them then.”

Fourth place went to Alaiksei Abromchyk of Belarus ahead, with of Florent Claude of France in fifth and Germany’s Tobias Hermann in sixth.

Boe Meets Expectations

Boe met expectations in taking the youth men’s pursuit. He started 51 seconds ahead of everyone else, had 3 penalties and finished in 29:13.6. That put him two minutes ahead of Dorfer. Boe explained, “Hilde Fenne was very good the entire week here so after she won the sprint I thought I wanted to do it like her. Today, I thought I wanted to do nothing like her. I shot controlled and held back on the tracks a bit because I knew that shooting was important. On the last lap I then wanted to thank all those that cheered for me, especially the athletes from team America who were in the uphill.”

Perfect Shooting

Dorfer clean shooting today brought him the Silver medal after starting in 14th position. He commented, “My shooting was perfect today, I hit all the targets. I can’t remember ever shooting this well in a competition.”

Very Good Shooter

Bronze went to Ramanouski with two penalties, 2:18.4 back. He only secured third place when Italy’s Maikol Demetz missed during the last standing stage. He said, “I waited a bit on purpose to put pressure on him because I know that I usually shoot good and clean.”

Demetz had two penalties to finish fifth behind Clement Dumont of France. Sixth place went to Stuart Harden of Canada.


After the last competition, these IBU Youth and Junior World Championships were officially declared closed. The IBU Flag was handed over from the OC Kontiolahti by IBU Assistant Race Director Borut Nunar to Matthias Scherer from Obertilliach, Austria, where the next IBU YJWCH will take place from January 23 to February 2, 2013.